TopShit offer” is mutually interesting for you as it is for us. When the new customer that you provided for our services starts paying for a rent web page or pays for a web page from a regular price list (not valid for package “FREE”) in a current month your rent is reduced by 20% for every new customer that you provide. So if you bring 5 new customers for our services your rent is reduced by 100% and our services, maintenance and backup for your web page are free.

TopShit rent of web page”. You can choose any package for renting web page, from our options. When your web page is published in a current month also starts a rent that you regularly monthly pay based on a delivered invoice. In case that the invoice is not payed by the end of the month your web page will be automatically shut down and removed from internet. Instead of web page the warning will be displayed that the invoice was not payed. Upon the payed invoice the web page will be immediately published and available to everyone on internet.